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HLO members have always been active and highly motivated lawyers. Their dedication to the office’s clients is always coupled with a reasonable time allotted for new research and studies. Their distinguished academic background and professional experience resulted in the publication of several books and articles.

Two books undertaken by late Dr. Hisham R. Hashem were met with high appreciation by practitioners and academic circles. Their demand has never faded but still rather vivid as they are taught in the Jordanian universities and some universities in the Arab countries.

These are:

  • The Jordan Civil Code, of Moslem Jurisprudence, Translation and Annotation, 1990, Al- Tawfiq Printing Press, Amman, Jordan (For purchase please Contact Us)

    The translation of the Civil Code which is the backbone of laws in Jordan was undertaken by Dr. Hashem for the benefit of foreign clients seeking to establish business in Jordan and foreign professional and academic circles. However, the demand on this book from local and Arabic speaking practitioners and clients exceeded all expectations as it is the only translation available in the country.

  • The Interpretation of the Jordan Labor Law, A Comparative Study, in Arabic, 1st Edn., 1973, Dar El- Jeel Publishing House, Beirut, Lebanon, 2nd Edn., 1990, Al – Tawfiq Printing Press, Amman Jordan.  
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    This is the first book in Jordan comprising an interpretation of the Jordan labor law. It contains a comparative study between Jordan, other Arab countries and Western labor laws. The study is rich with Cassation courts judgments and interpretations.

Other Publications include: 

  • “Arab Contract of Employment-Conflict and Concord-A Comparative study”: 1964, Dr. Hisham R. Hashem, publishers: Martinus Nijhoff, the Hague, Holland, in English.

  • “Contract of Employment in the Arab States- A Comparative Study”, 1966, Dr. Hisham R. Hashem, Cairo, Egypt, in Arabic.

  • “Comparative Study of the Provisions of the Jordan Companies Law of 1989 and 1997”, Rami H. Hashem, 1998, published in the Bar Association Journal, vol.3, (p. 637-756), in Arabic

  • “Mediation in Dispute Resolution”, Fadi H. Hashem, 2002, available in the Jordan Bar Association, in Arabic.